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Living a purpose

driven life

Each day, I live a purpose driven life. It wasn’t always that way, however, the struggles of growing up with a visual challenge, being a single mom, traversing financial difficulties, and unsure where my life was going, at times, I felt as if I were navigating in rough seas.


One thing I had always been absolutely sure of was that I knew that taking the “poor is me” approach was not an option for me. It was either do it or die trying! That was my motto.


When my son was born, I realized more than ever, how my precious baby boy needed and depended on my love, care, and support. This caused me to sincerely look for ways to seek opportunities to grow financially. There were many challenges ahead, but I knew I had to learn to channel my energy towards focusing on what I could do, as opposed to what I couldn’t.


It became my mission to develop new skills and acquire knowledge on subjects such as business, philosophy, and self-development to help me launch my own business. Since I wanted to serve others in a certain capacity, I knew I had to create something that I could do very well.  Whether it was to help people find simple ways to achieve good health, or to assist in enhancing their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, or through teaching others how to have a more positive mindset, or working toward helping them to discover how to awaken to a higher level of spirituality, I realized through my years of studies that this was what I loved to do. So, why not create a business around these ideas?


As I traveled through the winding roads and uneven plains of my life, where the divine essence of who I am was still evolving, the conclusion I came to understand was that serving others in some capacity, whether big or small, could impact a life. If I could empower one person with words of wisdom for example, if I could help to heal one person from feeling pain, anxiety, or some particular imbalance, or if I could teach with methods that could enlighten a person’s true spirit essence, then everything I work hard for would be absolutely worth it!



Rose Santiago has studied and practiced essential oils for almost 20 years. She has also researched and studied spiritual enlightenment for over two decades. Rose Santiago’s passion for helping others to master a lifestyle that reflects their true essence is the driving force behind her writing. Her online shop, Mariposa Essence, provides earth-friendly products that assist in bringing overall balance to the mind, body, and spirit.

My journey

For more than two decades, I have studied and practiced various spiritual enlightenment paths and through my experiences, I have learned what it means to live with authentic purpose. The unique methods that I discovered have transformed the way I view myself and the world around me. I have also spent almost two decades researching and utilizing essential oils and aromatherapy in my daily rituals and have created many products for me and my family, such as cleaning solutions, air fresheners, synergy blends, and other personal care products to enhance the health and support of natural healing. These aromatic essences have helped me many times over, like when feeling pain and soreness, through colds and body aches, during moments of anxiety or stress, and for my son for tummy aches or feeling under-the-weather. The combination of these methods has inspired me to choose a path that has led me to live the divine essence of whom I am today and has allowed me to help others do it too.


Taking self-development courses, listening to lectures and reading books on business, philosophy, science, and spirituality, have ultimately led me to knock out the disempowering beliefs and limiting thoughts that put the breaks on the real desires I held deep within my spirit. It was my fervent wish to create a business to help others live a healthier and happier lifestyle. So that is what I set out to do.


For about 14 years, I developed a housekeeping service, hiring professional housekeepers, and only selecting natural cleaning solutions that contained essential oils which I provided to all of my customers. But that was only the beginning of my journey. I wanted to do more!


In time, I knew that it was not enough to provide home and commercial services to my customers, I also wanted to offer great products that could assist in supporting the healing of the mind, body, and soul. Thus, I set out to research and find those ingredients so that I could incorporate them in all of the products sold in my new company.

Writing it down 

Because of this intense passion I have to help people know that they can live a healthier and happier lifestyle and that they are capable not vulnerable, I decided that I wanted to write about it. Thus, I wrote a book entitled Live your True Essence, Learn 12 Secrets That Will Empower Your Mind, Balance your Body and Enlighten Your Spirit.


In my book, I share my experiences with many of the challenges I had to overcome in order to find the essence of who I genuinely was inside and out. I speak about the qualities and personality traits I had to develop so that I could do, be, have and give more to empower myself and other human spirits that yearn for change as I did. And I cover trialed and tested methods to help create a positive mindset, a more powerful way to use your thoughts, scientific and medical research on the healing effects of essential oils and aromatherapy, as well as the variety of ways to enlighten the spirit essence through effective tools such as meditations, affirmations, and visualizations. I believe that the combination of feeling empowered in the mind, striving to have great health, and living each day learning more on how to enlighten the spirit, is the most successful and powerful way to live the true essence of who we genuinely are.

A new business idea

was born

After many years of providing home services, the idea to create a new business actually came to me when I realized that I wanted to pursue what I loved and felt most passionate about for a very long time. This was to teach and offer products that would transform lives through creative ways of empowering the mind, balancing the body and enlightening the spirit. This discovery changed the way I was going to continue doing business. Having a housekeeping service was great, and I really appreciated the opportunity to have this business, however, the truth was, that I wanted to do more for people. I knew I could offer customers much greater value by introducing them to organic and natural products, essential oils, plant ingredients, as well as services to enhance and improve their well-being physically, emotionally and spiritually.


For years, I studied the powerful potential we have to expand in thought, which allows us to create limitless possibilities in our lives. In addition, I learned how the therapeutic benefits found in the healing methods of using essential oils and aromatherapy could assist in healing the body from a variety of ailments. Plus, how, through creative tools, many could receive enlightenment of the spirit.


These processes were taught to me through years of experience, books, lectures, courses, trial and error, and just falling down, getting back up and trying again. The end result is that today, I have acquired the skills and expertise to help people create transformation in their life. More than that, I have an online store where customers can find organic and sustainably sourced products designed to calm the mind, balance the body, and uplift the spirit. Our goal as a team is to bring to our customer products which work to reduce pain and inflammation, ease joint and muscle aches, soothe and soften dry or damaged skin and hair, and to offer a superior customer happiness experience.

Building a team

It takes love, courage, hard work, and confidence to develop a thriving business that can help many people benefit from your products and services. It also takes a great team of smart and bee/like workers to put it all together. I am blessed to have an exceptional team of individuals who are assisting me in creating the business I have always dreamed of.


Maritza Cruz, Co-founder, and Creative Director of Mariposa Essence, who has many years of experience in visual branding, web design, and content strategy, absolutely loves to create masterpiece websites that have earned her the admiration and appreciation of many whom she has worked with. Her excellent skills in designing websites combined with visual aesthetics, the usability of websites and user experience make her skills unparalleled to others with similar abilities.


Christina Goebel, Book Editor, has been amazing with her editing and proofreading skills during all the stages of creating my book. As a journalist and creative writing teacher, she understands the role of speaking and writing to capture the attention of readers.

Maritza Cruz

Co-Founder and Creative Director of Mariposa Essence

Maritza Cruz is co-founder and Creative Director of Mariposa Essence, a beauty and wellness company which uses essential oils and ingredients made from mother earth in every product.  Maritza creates the overall brand strategy, packaging & design, and oversees all digital platforms.

Christina Goebel

Editor of Live Your True Essence

Christina Goebel, M.A. is the author of GoldenHeart: How to Love Humanity, a self-help book and guide for how to love yourself, others, and humanity more than ever before. She is also a freelance editor and writer. 

My vision

Every day that I breathe, I envision a healthier and happier world. A planet where people who face seemingly insurmountable circumstances are able to create a new and empowering way of thinking. I see myself helping many breakthroughs the glass ceiling of limiting impossibilities to developing smarter and more strategic ways to imagine a world of endless possibilities.



"We are what we think.  All that we are arises with our thoughts.  With our thoughts, we make our world."


Time for change

I firmly believe that we can create magic in our life. We can become unstoppable. I know with absolute certainty that you and I are much more than our present circumstances. This means that we are able to transform from caterpillar to butterfly and sore higher than we ever thought possible just by changing the way we see our current reality.

Social butterfly

It is my opinion that it is possible to transform from crawling on legs of uncertainty to developing wings of empowerment. When we learn to expand in thought, have an open mind, and learn how we can create magic in our lives, then we will begin to see a no-limit world where health, mindfulness, and spirituality is a regular part of our day.


I truly enjoy discussions on many topics like these and welcome great conversations with you. Hang out with me and feel free to share your thoughts and comments on anything to do with the mind, body, and spirit. I'd love to hear from you.