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Meet Rose

Rose Santiago

Author of Live Your True Essenc and speaker

Rose Santiago is a warrior for love and truth.  Her intention is to guide magnificent souls to live in a continuous state of flow. 


Rose Santiago is a dynamic force, fearlessly championing love and truth in a world hungry for change. As an extraordinary individual who happens to be blind, Rose's indomitable spirit fuels her journey as a bestselling author, visionary entrepreneur, and captivating national speaker. With an unwavering commitment to empowering others, Rose ignites transformative shifts in people's lives, guiding them to shatter the shackles of negative emotions and helping them to break free from self-imposed limitations. Her innate ability to unlock unlimited possibilities resonates deeply, infusing her mission with profound purpose and true fulfillment.


Recognized as a beacon of inspiration, Rose has spoken in platforms such as the National Federation of the Blind, St. Joseph School for the Blind, Vision Loss Alliance, the National Council of State Agencies for the Blind, and the Seeing Eye, captivating audiences with her magnetic presence and enlightening words.

In her relentless pursuit of creating a better world for the blind, Rose passionately collaborates with nonprofit organizations and visionary businesses, spearheading initiatives to raise essential funds. These resources pave the way for increased access and more opportunities for the visually impaired through her powerful coaching program, propelling them towards success in life and business. Her vision is to create a brighter and more inclusive future for the blind. In her spare time, Rose enjoys reading, singing, dancing and planning fun events to entertain family and friends.

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