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True Essence Coaching

Learn how to go from hello to yes! Step more fully in to mastering yourself in mind, body and spirit with the True Essence formula!

What obstacles are you experiencing in your personal and or professional life that you would like to see change for the better? And, if you had the power to make optimal changes right now, what Would you intentionally create?

Well, what if I told you that there is a formula to help you get to the next level of self-actualization? A trial and tested formula I will teach you that will give you access to powerful tools and techniques you can practice daily to live your true essence?

Hello, my name is Rose Santiago and I warmly welcome you to my True Essence Coaching program. As a mother, writer, speaker, entrepreneur, mentor and life and business coach who happens to be blind, I am a warrior for love and truth and a champion for helping people become the master creator of their own life. Through my more than 20 years of research, study and training in personal and business development, mindfulness and spiritual enlightenment, as well as practice in the world of essential oils and aromatherapy, I have the knowledge, skills and experience necessary for guiding you towards real lasting change.

Are you ready to begin a new journey of self-discovery? Are you set to become your own master creator? Then lets go!

Stone Tower

True Essence Coaching Program

Unleash Your Potential and Create Lasting Change 

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